St Kilda

Size:12km2 Approx
Population243 Approx
Median house Price:$200,000 Approx
Median Age:45 Years Old Approx
Household Size:N/A

About St Kilda:

Location and Boundaries
St Kilda is bounded by the Salt Crystallization Pans in the north, the suburb of Waterloo Corner in the east, Barker Inlet and the suburb of Globe Derby Park in the south and the Gulf St Vincent in the west.

Settlement History
Settlement of the area dates from the mid 1800s when St Kilda became known as a seaside town and a railway station and salt fields were built at Dry Creek. The railway station assisted local industry in the area and was closely associated with the railway development that surged during the 1930s. Growth continued in the post-war years.

Land Use
St Kilda comprises of rural land which is used mainly for farming and grazing.

Major Features
Major features includes the St Kilda Adventure Playground, St Kilda Tramway Museum, St Kilda Boat Club and Marina and the St Kilda Mangrove Trail and Interpretive Centre.

Real Estate
If you are looking to buy a property in or around the area, check out the properties we have available.
For any other real estate needs, please contact the St Kilda specialist, Mike Lao.



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