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By Johnny Nguyen

We’re pleased to present to you the Ray White Golden Grove | Greenwith | Salisbury profile video:

Andrew Farnworth: “I’ve been working with Ray White for four and a half years now. What attracted me to joining Ray White was I saw Mike Lao dominating in the North of Adelaide, and thought “That’s the team I want to be part of.” The best thing I’ve seen evolve in Ray White has been the technology. The SMS, email campaigns has really gone to another level, since I’ve been in the company.”

Matt Ashford: “In my short time in the industry, and with the brand, when we do come together it’s just a good feel to it. I think our marketing is better. I think we’re well known. I think that we look after our staff better as well. The support that I’ve had, again in my short time has been amazing.”

Mike Lao: “I started in Ray White in 2008, so almost 10 years now. The best thing I’ve seen involved is all the technology, so we’ve had obviously the Google Drive, Gmail, My Desktop, and all the other CRM systems that they’ve introduced and let us use.”

Amy Sim: “I think we espouse the family values and we have such a strong network of offices and agents. I think the name, the reputation, the brand really helps.”

Andrew Farnworth: “Every element of the sale, I’m really confident that my clients can have a lot of confidence in ourselves and also the brand as a whole.”

Matt Ashford: “What makes us stand out from other brands I think, is our consistency. You know we’re up at 6.00 at the gym, we’re in the office by 7.30, 8.00 o’clock, and then we don’t go home til 7.30, 8.00 o’clock, we work seven days most of the time. The consistency of that just makes us grow quicker.”

Mike Lao: “Well I guess the greatest benefit for customers using Ray White, is that they can be comfortable they are going to get the best technologies, the best systems, and the best marketing.

Matt Ashford: “I just think we’re going to continue to grow in the future.”

Andrew Farnworth: “Whether it’s racing BMWs at Mallala, or it’s going to the 36ers and sitting courtside, that opportunity to share the journey with other people is probably the highlight of my experience with Ray White, and the best memories probably come from those events.”

Matt Ashford: “The teamwork was really important to me, when I was looking for a brand to work for. The feel that I got from the Ray White group really ticked that box.”

Mike Lao: “Lots of memories, but yeah, just going to all the Awards with the team is probably most proudest is when we first opened our office here at Salisbury, and first Awards Night we all went as a team and yeah we’re all very supportive of each other, and it was an amazing night.”

Andrew Farnworth: “My biggest inspiration since being with the group is undoubtedly Mike Lao. I’m pretty fortunate that I’m with who I regard as the number one agent, not just in Ray White, but across South Australia. The guy spends almost a third of his time on sales, and he’s riding over a $1,000,000. So having him there 24/7 as a mentor, has been huge for my business growth. The best thing about working in my office is the culture. It does make coming to work enjoyable, and it leads to high productivity.

Matt Ashford: “Everyone works so well together, it probably the best place I’ve ever worked for, as far as culture.”

Amy Sim: “I think I’ve worked with some of the most amazing, talented, bright, intelligent, and just really fun, and happy people, which makes the whole office a fantastic place to come in. You don’t feel like it’s work at all. We have a strong culture of values, of like hard work, having fun, teamwork, honesty, integrity, kindness, and generosity, and it’s one big family basically.”

Mike Lao: “It’s just so much fun. The people here are really nice and we all look after each other, we all play pranks. I mean I’m not sure if you can see, it’s Suzie’s 21st, so flowers over there. Yeah, we organized them for her. Coming to work brings me a smile.”

Andrew Farnworth: “Before I came out as a salesperson, I caught up with Jason Spagnuolo, and he gave me some tips which really helped kick-start my career.”

Matt Ashford: “Nick Psarros is a legend. I’ve met him a few times, and he’s a lovely bloke.”

Mike Lao: “It’s important to network in a Ray White group because it can create so many more opportunities.”

Amy Sim: “The best Ray White event would definitely be the Annual Awards. It’s the highlight of the calendar year, where we all can really let down our hair. We have a pre-party party, we rock up in limousines, 500 people in the one area, and Ray White put on an amazing event as well.”

Matt Ashford: “If you’re working harder than everyone else in the area you’re going to be better than everyone else in the area. Everything else you can learn.”

Mike Lao: “Just to keep learning, and it’s what we’ve all just tried to do. That’s why we’re always going on courses and seminars. My best advice is definitely to do that, and also work hard.”

Andrew Farnworth: “When I first joined the Ray White group I actually had to have an interview with Nick. He’s an inspiring figure. Probably one of the highlights of Nick is his brilliant yacht, which we’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of drink sessions on.”

Mike Lao: “At the end of every email I just put on there, you know, “If there’s anything else I can do let me know,” and I think one day Nick was cheeky enough to put, “Yeah, open an office,” and that’s kind of how it all started.”

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