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Chloe Smith

Admin Support

The backbone of the office and the glue that holds everything together. Meet Chloe Smith. Her diverse skill set and commitment to excellence have consistently contributed to her success in delivering exceptional service and support. With a strong background in administration, Chloe seamlessly blends her customer-centric approach with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction in every interaction.

Her upbringing instilled in her values of honesty, integrity, and perseverance, which she embodies both personally and professionally. Chloe's passion for helping others and her innate ability to connect with people have been instrumental in her flourishing career in customer service.

Transitioning into real estate three years ago, Chloe seamlessly transferred her expertise to excel in a new industry. Her comprehensive understanding of client needs, coupled with her knowledge of the real estate market, enables her to provide valuable insights and guidance to both buyers and sellers. Whether facilitating property transactions, coordinating open houses, or managing client inquiries, Chloe's dedication to excellence shines through in every aspect of her work.