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With a natural interest and capacity to understand and help people — James Aubert opted out of Psychology Degree at the University of Adelaide and took the gamble of starting a career in real estate at the age of 21, a decision that quickly paid off.

Within just 5-years, James became a Sales Manager at one of Australasia’s largest and most successful real estate businesses, Ray White. James now finds himself as a Sales Executive at Ray White Salisbury where his innate appreciation and recognition of client needs allows James to provide an unrivalled standard of customer service.

Drawing on his background in psychology, it should come as no surprise that James sees the real estate industry as far more than merely buying and selling assets.

“Working in real estate has never been about numbers for me, and that’s because selling someone’s home or helping another find their first isn’t simply a transaction, it’s much more than that,” James says. “For the people involved, there’s always a greater goal or major life decision involved, and that’s what matters to me.”

Warm, friendly and personable by nature combined with being able to tap into client and customer motivation goes a long way in building James’s stellar reputation within the industry. A reputation that has made him an award-winning sales executive and previous sales manager overseeing the development and training of over forty agents across one of Ray White’s largest South Australian offices.

A motto he lives by is “earn your downtime” — in other words, work hard so that you have a great work-life balance because happiness in one creates happiness in the other.

Such grounded foresight and wisdom are qualities beyond James’s years, yet are the very attributes that make him a superb sales executive who delivers exceptional results for his clients with the utmost highest quality of service.

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